RIGA Tour Bus

RIGA Tour Bus offer two big Tours/routes with 3 lines in each

 RIGA PANORAMA  60 – 70 min. € 22.00

                       22.00 EURO (one day)                       
             RIGA PANORAMA

Bus route



 Bus tour consist from 3 lines (districts) and runs along the most popular sights and streets of the city.

1. Old Town + Pārdaugava (red line) – Fantastic view to Riga Old Town! We will travel also on the left bank of the river Daugava, overlooking the ancient cathedrals of a medieval city.

 City center  + Architecture's part of Riga (blue line). Place where most city attractions are located. You will see the famous "Laima" Clock, Monument of Freedom, the Opera House, the Powder Tower, the Cathedral and much more.  The area of embassies of various countries and the district of modern architecture, where you will see the facades of the National Romanticism and decorative Art Nouveau.

3. Moscow suburb + Historical Riga (pink line). On this line you will the famous Saience of Acedemy House, Riga's Central Market, Railway station and many more.
Please note that bus tours around the city are introductory.

Bus Tour starts from St. Peter's Church in heart of Old Town

Main stops are:

St. Peters Church, Town hall

Stoune Bridge, Latvian national  Library (gaismas pils). Radisson SAS Daugava (panorama of Riga), Victory park, Swedbank, Vansu bridge, President palace, National theatre, HotelRriga

LATVIAN NATIONAL OPERA, Laima cloc, Freedom monument

POWDER TOWER (ASTOR RIGA HOTEL), Ulmanis statue, Bastey boulvar, French Ambassy


Russian Embassy, Hotel Monika

Elizabete street, Hotel Radisson Blu Latvia, Lido Vermanitis

Riga central station, Stockmann, Since Academy, Moskav forstadt, Central market, Central bus station, Railway bridge, Town squere

Tour start from St. Peter's Church



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