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 Welcome to most popular and exciting Bus Tour in Riga!
3 in 1 RIGA PANORAMA Tour 

Hi, friends!!! Get to know Riga by boarding comfortable, single or double-decker bus and admire the city's cultural and architectural magnificence!

 We provide more than just a great way to travel around the capital. The INFO RIGA Tour is the essential introduction to Riga. We invite you to experience the magical sights and sounds of Riga in comfort and safety aboard on our bus tours. 

During this Tour you will be traveling to most popular, exciting and romantic places in Riga reached 3 lines/districts which will open your vision and expression about beautiful city in middle of Baltic - Riga! 

Old RIGA + RIGA Panorama

On this line/district you will enjoy exciting stories about old Riga as weel as see beautiful RIGA PANORAMA from Pardaugava bank. Finally you will find out why there are golden roosters sitting on the rooftops of Riga churches.

Architecture, Parks and Gardens

During traveling the city center you will be introduced with famous Riga architecture - Jugendstyle which is also the Pearl of the World. Besides you are going to see the most spectacular parks and gardens of our city.

Enjoy Riga slowly... 

New and historical Riga

On this line/district you will be surprised how RIGA has changed over the past few decades. This region is also famous for the biggest covered Market in Europe as well as with ambitious Science Acedemy

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