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About us
We are here to help you to get the best time in Riga

Why choose us?

  • Hard work and a few years' experience have paid off with becoming Riga no.1 TourBus&Party Tours Company
  • Positive and open minded staff is the motto of our company
  • Our tours are informative, happy and friendly, so you will get personal attention, make friends and have a great time
  • Our tours are customised to your exact requirements and interests
  • Our fully trained staff and guides enable you to make the most of your tour
  • Our tours take you into the heart of Riga, its landscape, history and people
  • On special tours You will be able to try the tastiest local food as well as drink traditional beer
  • Our staff and guides know the best pubs, cafes and restaurants and they will help you sniff out the best deals
  • Our fleet of air-conditioned bus and other vehicles will transport you in comfort

About us

Our company was founded in 2006. We started as a party travel company, but our passion, skills, experience and also great people we have encountered along the way have kept us on the right track aimed at providing our customers (who usually later become friends) with unique touring experiences and great memories from Riga.

Now we specialise on informative, happy and friendly tours, transfers, leisure activities and custom services for visitors in Riga and other parts of  Latvia. We provide a comfortable and exciting way to explore the glorious scenery, fascinating history and rich heritage of this great country. With us you'll see all the famous sights, but you'll also discover hidden corners and experience the real Latvia and the warm hospitality of people. We have got a wide range of tour itineraries and durations, so there is something for everyone - just browse our tours to be inspired.

On our tours you’ll see an amazing amount, but you’ll also find that the pace is easy and the itineraries designed to give you the best experience possible – you will not only see the sights, you will also be able to explore a lot of places you visit, take photosbuy souvenirs and enjoy the local food. You will find that we are really flexible in how we divide up each tour itinerary and that we take time to ensure that you see everything you want to see.


Founded only 3 years ago for Sightseeing Tours in Riga we are now one of the most popular sightseeing bus operator in Latvia!

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